By plane to the following airports, from many major European Cities:
  • International Airport Henri Coanda, Bucharest (OTP)
  • International Airport Sibiu (SBZ)
  • International Airport Cluj Napoca (CLJ)
  • International Airport Traian Vuia, Timisoara (TSR)
  • International Airport Iasi (IAS)
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By train

International trains connect Romania with Budapest, Vienna, Moscow, Athens, Sofia and Chisinau.

If you are coming in arriving from the western part of Europe by train, a connective train ride through Vienna or Budapest is the best option.

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By car

Romanian roads are continuously improving since Romania has joined the EU, so travelling to Romania with your personal car is an option. Main roads are in a good shape and you will not have to worry too much about the safety of your car. At the end of 2013, the completion of a significant part of the A1 highway is expected, which will link Transylvania to the network of western highways. You will need to acquire, when passing the border, a Vignette (road tax) which will give you the right to use the roads for a selected period of time.

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