Romania is a country situated at the confluence of Oriental and Western cultures. Regions of the country have been heavily influenced by great European cultures of the past, most notably those introduced by the Byzantine and Habsburg Empires. The traces of these cultures can still be found in the architecture, language and customs of Romanians. We are pleased to propose the following tour programme for you to get to know some of these regions.

The highlights of your trip: the rural region Maramureş, the Monasteries of Bukowina and Transylvania

Day 1. Arrival in Cluj Napoca by plane/train/car.

Following your arrival we’ll take a city tour by bus and on foot to explore the beautiful city center marked by Secession, Baroque, Renaissance and Medieval architecture. Afterwards the bus will take us to Baia Mare, where we will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 2. We’ll start our journey through the region of Maramureş. We will get to see many wooden churches, which dot the landscape, some of which are included on the UNESCO list of cultural sites. Another place we’ll see is the “Merry Graveyard” of Săpînţa, where the tombstones are colourfully painted. Having lunch in a typical household of the Maramureş will give us additional insight into the people’s lives and traditions here. We will spend the night in Gura Humorului.

Day 3. Today we will see some of the 15th century churches of the Bukowina at the monasteries of Moldoviţa, Suceviţa and Voroneţ, which have paintings on the outside walls. The monastery at Voroneţ is also called “Sistine Chapel of the East”. We’ll spend another night in Gura Humorului.

Day 4. We will continue our trip by going over mountain passes to Transylvania. After several kilometres of extraordinary landscapes we reach the former Saxon town Bistriţa. After a short city tour we continue our trip to Târgu Mureş, a town situated in the center of Transylvania, where half of the population are ethnic Hungarians. The Art Nouveau buildings, including the Palace of Culture give the town a special flair. We will spend the night here.

Day 5. Our next destination is Sighişoara, a beautiful medieval town built by the Saxons on a hill. The 14th and 15th century houses are preserved in their original appearance because urban development has taken place outside the fortress in the valley. Due to its uniqueness, it has been named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. After walking on the narrow streets of Sighişoara, the bus will take us to Biertan, a village that was the seat of the Bishop of the Evangelic Church for more than 300 years. We will spend the night back in Sighişoara.

Day 6. Today we’ll head to Braşov, one of the two largest cities of Transylvania. On our way there we will make a stop in the village of Viscri, where we will meet some of the few Saxons who did not go to Germany after the fall of the Communist Regime in 1989. The Mihai Eminescu Trust, whose patron is Charles, Prince of Wales, has done a remarkable job in helping people preserve the cultural heritage left by the Saxons. Afterwards we will take a walk through Braşov during which we will see the famous Black Church, the Synagoge, the Piaţa Sfatului and the walls of the medieval fortress. We will spend the night in Braşov.

Day 7. In the morning we will head to Sibiu, which was named the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2007. Here we will take a walk through the town, allowing us to see, among other things, the Liars Bridge, the Protestant Church from the 15th century, interesting architecture at the sites of former market places, and the Orthodox Church, seat of the Transylvanian Mitropolite. Sibiu is host to the largest community of Saxons in Transylvania and, although they represent a small fraction of the whole city population, they have a large influence in local administration and culture. We will have dinner at a Saxon family and spend the night in Sibiu.

Day 8. The last day we will be taken to the airport at Cluj Napoca, where we will say our farewells.

The outlined itinerary can be customised to substitute or include other destinations, or to match your wishes and schedule. For further information, please contact us.