Although there are still few designated bike roads in Romania, one can easily ride the roads between the villages by bicycle, and get from one fortified church to another. We will show you the most beautiful landscapes and most interesting places.

A trip where one combines culture and sightseeing with exercise and fresh air could be the following:

Tour programme – Light bike trip (accompanied by bus)

Day 1. Arrival in Sibiu. (Biking distance: 31 km, Altitude difference: 300 hm)
After a walking tour of the city which was named the European Cultural Capital of 2007, we will start our bicycle tour. We’ll ride past the Dumbrava Park and then along the foot of the Cibin Mountains to the little village of Sibiel, where we will visit a museum of orthodox icons painted on glass. We’ll have dinner at a Romanian family here, tasting the delicious Romanian food like mămăligă (boiled conrmeal), sarmale (cabbage leaves filled with minced meat and rice), chiftele (meatballs) along with the ţuica (alcoholic drink from plums). After dinner, we will return by bus to Sibiu to spend the night.

Day 2. Through the Hârtibaciu Valley (40km, 150 hm)
Today we will ride through the beautiful landscape of the Hârtibaciu Valley, where villages such as Alţâna, Nochrich or Hosman are open-air museums. During our trip we will make several stops and have lunch with a Saxon (German) family. The time in these villages flows at a different rate than ours: life is simple and peaceful.
In the evening we will go back by bus to Sibiu for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Day 3. Mediaş and sorroundings (50 km, 400 hm).
In the morning we will be taken by bus to the town of Medias. During a city tour [on foot or by bus?] we will see the 15th century Margaretenkirche and the fortress of Medias. Afterwards, we will ride our bikes to the village of Mosna. Here we’ll take a break at the fortified church and have lunch in what was once the priest’s house. With our batteries recharged, we conquer the „Hula Moşnei” hill and then leave the main road to ride a gravel road through the forest to the village of Richiş and then on to Biertan. Here we will see one of the most heavily fortified curches in Transylvania. In the evening,the bus will take us back to Mediaş where we will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 4. Sighişoara and Viscri (30 km, 100 hm).
The day starts with a bus ride towards the south eastern corner of Transylvanis, the so called „Ţara Barsei” (german name is „Burzenland”). On the way there we will stop in Sighişoara, where the original town lies on a hill. Sighişoara is on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List because this part of the town retains its medieval character,. Afterwards, we will board our bus and travel toward the village of Viscri. After leaving the main road, we will get on our bikes and pedal the remaining distance to Viscri. In the little village we will have the opportunity to talk to a few of the Saxons (Germans) that have decided not to leave the country. We will taste their house wine and their food in the courtyard of a typical Saxon house. In the evening we will finish biking at the town of Braşov, where we will spend the night.

Day 5. Braşov and Hărman (Day for rest-no biking)
In the morning we will show you the town of Braşov, with the Black Church and the Piaţa Sfatului and then you will have some free time. There will also be an opportunity to take a short hike on the mountain of Braşov, the Tâmpa. In the evening we make a bus tour to Harman and then to Prejmer, where we will see a very special type of fortified churches.

Day 6. The Szeklerland (30 km 400 hm).
Today´s trip will take us through the Szeklerland, a region at the eastern edge of Transilvania, where the majority of the population is made up by the ethnic Hungarian. Here we will experience the local culture and the beauty of the Carpathain Mountains. We will ride our bikes through the Bicaz Gorge and have a pincic at the so-called Red Lake (Lacu Roşu), where we will spend the night.

Day 7. Back to Sibiu (Day for rest-no biking)
Today we will leave the Szeklerland by bus and on our way back to Sibiu we will visit the town of Târgu Mureş, a town whose architecture is characterised by the Art Noveau style. The Palace of Culture, erected around 1900 is the architectural highlight of the town. You will have the rest of the day free here for sighseeing, relaxing and shopping, as the town has plenty of each to offer.

Day 8. Trip back home
Today we will say our farewells until next time!

*You can bring your own bike or we will provide you with one on request.